The goal is to remove balls of the same color by arranging them to lines (horizontal, vertical or diagonal). The line must be at least five balls in length.

Every time you turn, three new balls appear. Thus, every next move is going to be more and more difficult for you.

To move a ball click on it to select, then click on destination square.

You can move a ball only to a particular place if there is a path between the current position of the ball and the desired destination.

Your goal is to earn the maximum score. Points are earned every time you manage to remove some balls from the field.

Save your scores to game server and become a national or world wide leader!

Play i Color Lines Puzzle Game Online, download Android App or iPhone App to compete with the best players over the world. 

Color Lines game board has 81 (9×9) cells (squares).
Game starts with several randomly selected balls placed on the board.

Game objective is to earn the highest score (no limit).

Points are earned every time you remove balls from the board. The more balls you remove the more points you earn.

To remove balls, arrange at least five same color balls to lines (horizontal, vertical or diagonal).

To move a ball, select it first by clicking on it, and then click on a destination square.

You can only move a ball if a free path exists between the current location and the  destination selected.

i color lines puzzle game help screen

With every move computer adds three new balls to the board, however new balls will not be added to the game board after a line removal.

Instead, you will be rewarded with yet another move before new three balls.

The game ends once the entire game board is filled up with balls. Enter in your name and see where you rank on the Leader Board  – you will be highlighted in yellow.

i color lines android puzzle game leader board

Need some help?  Tips, Tricks, and Strategies are available in Help Section and FAQs.

Outbrain competitors from all over the world and bring renown to your country! Earn the Black Belt or become The World Champion – Enjoy!

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