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What is i Color Lines Puzzle Game?

It is a free game that unites puzzle enthusiasts from all around the world.
Players from many countries every year compete for the top prize – become a world champion.

You can play it online on any device (PC, MAC, tablet, smart phone) with an Internet browser, or download Android App / iPhone App on your mobile phone.

Follow the best players and their rankings

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Game statistics is available 24/7/365:
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Ten best players of the year
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How is it different from other Color Lines clones

It is FREE, it works on all devices* and allows people to compete internationally.
The letter “i” in “i Color Lines Puzzle Game” means interactive!
Players can interact with other players like in any other social network.
Go to your profile, update your information, connect to your friends, send messages, comment, etc…

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Where can I find more information?

Find tips and tricks in Help Section or Frequently Asked Questions. Learn more about game rules and game strategy. Watch helpful videos.

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