Best players in July 2018

#1 – Архангельская from Russia earned 404,438 points
#2 – LET from Argentina earned 177,474 points
#3 – Tanwu 今天是个好日子谈五荣rong from China earned 111,602 points
#4 – 1jzzjfspgotq from Lithuania earned 104,331 points
#5 – kgjj9amljb5 from U.S. earned 100,006 points

Player B from Serbia was the last one, who correctly identified the best player in July. Congratulations!

Best players in July 2018

All five top players earned more than 100,000 points in July.
July poll somewhat reflects the real player results.
1jzzjfspgotq from Lithuania is a new player with and excellent score that was not included in poll.

Best players in July 2018
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