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How many points do I earn with an each removed ball?

You have to line-up at least five balls of the same color to remove them from the game-board in Color Lines Puzzle Game.
By default, you would earn two points per removed ball. For example, there are six green balls that can be removed next at the screenshot below.

How many points do I earn with each removed ball?

By removing them, you can earn twelve points, but wait…

Have you heard about the bonus points?

How can I earn additional bonus pints?

To earn bonus points you have to turn off “Next Balls” suggestion by clicking on it.

How can I earn additional bonus pints?

There is an opportunity to remove six blue balls, so let’s do it.

additional bonus pints

As you can see, the score for removing six balls is now thirteen. One point is added for turning off “Next Ball” suggestion.
Turning off suggestions will increase the game difficulty, but you will be rewarded with an extra point each time when you remove a line.

How to learn from the best players

Do you know that you can click on any player profile and see his/her score history?

Just load player’s profile and move your computer mouse over the score history on the top.

How to learn from the best players - player profile

You can also see the game screen on the bottom left and notice how remaining balls are positioned.

i Color Lines Portal allows to add other users as “friend”, send private or public message.

send private or public message

Share your thoughts and do not hesitate to ask questions, so we can help you to enjoy the game and improve your score.

Colored lines game strategy

The proven strategy is to constantly clean the board and anticipate where new balls can land.

For example, let’s look at screenshot of the new game below.

Two new red balls and one violet are coming next, and you already have two violet and two red on the board.
You can try to move red ball to start the first line.

colored lines game strategy

Two green balls and one black are coming, and you have two black and one green.

colored lines game strategy 2

The suggestion is to move the red ball to have at least three red aligned and wait for having more green and black balls on the board. At the same time free the way for potential violet balls.

Black, yellow and violet are coming, and there are two violet, and two greens and two blacks are aligned.

colored lines game strategy 3

It is your next move which color ball to move. Black or violet might be more preferable to move. Let’s move violet ball.

colored lines game strategy 4

Violet, red and green balls are coming and you have an opportunity to clean five violet balls, or unblock red ones to make them eligible for cleaning. Note, if you a ball to unblock other color line, put it to the same color to create or increase the other line. Let’s move a green ball to unblock red line.

colored lines game strategy 5

Two yellow and one read are coming. It might be a good idea to move a red ball to its line, clean it if we are lucky, and may be let new yellow balls to align themselves. And yes, it worked, red ball came to complement another four.

colored lines game strategy 6

Unfortunately yellow balls are scattered. Black, violet and yellow are coming next. Let’s deal with violet balls now.

colored lines game strategy 7

Now we are in good position. One violet and two yellow balls are coming. Violet are ready to be clean and yellow already formed some lines, we just need to free some space for yellow balls, at the same time form a black line.

colored lines game strategy 8

We got 20 points and various opportunities with yellow balls. Now it is a time to start your game and work out your strategy!

How to manage player profile at icolorlines

Once you finish your first Color Lines puzzle game, you can type in your name to create your account at icolorlines.com.
At the same time, your account would be bound to a group/country where you are playing from.
From now on, you are eligible to compete in your country and in the world.

You can always go to your profile and manage it:
1- change your picture
2- change cover picture
3- add/change your email
4- change/join different groups/countries
5- add friends among other players

icolorlines puzzle game player profile