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How to play iColorLines Puzzle Game on iOS (iPhone/iPad)

iColorLines online puzzle game works perfectly on iPhone or iPad. Just open Safari, and type icolorlines.com in the address bar.

icolorlines puzzle game online iphone

Click on “play free online” link or iColorLines icon to start a new game.

icolorlines puzzle game iphone

iPad gives you not only a game view but the entire portal, so you see who is currently playing online, chat with friends and see other player activities.

icolorlines puzzle game ipad

Please visit iColorLines FAQs section for help, game rules and strategy.

How to play iColorLines Puzzle Game on Android devices

iColorLines Android Puzzle App is available at Google Play Store. Once you download, install and open it, the main game screen will load.


This screen features top display, game board and a bottom selection menu. iColorLines game board is divided into 81 squares. To move a ball, click on it to select and then click on the destination cell to align it with the same color ball or a group of same color balls.

The line (vertical or horizontal or diagonal) must be at least five balls in length. Every turn the computer adds three new balls to the board. You current score, your top score and your belt is displayed on the top.

There are six buttons at the bottom of the screen (from left to right): “Start a New Game”, “Share”, “Game Portal”, “Leader Board”, “Help” and “Settings”.

icolorlines puzzle game menu icons

You can start a new game at any time, by clicking on “Start a New Game”.

icolorlines puzzle game start new

Once game is over, you will be asked to enter your name and forwarded to the Leader Board screen.


Clicking on “Game Portal” icon will bring you to your profile page at icolorlines.com.

icolorlines android puzzle game profile

You can get back to the game by clicking on a top left “Back” button.


Clicking on “Help” button would load game rules and helpful information.


By clicking on “Share” button, you share your thoughts and game results with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and other social media sites.


What is the Game Portal

iColorLines.com website is a community of like-minded people who love puzzles. You can play online, share your experience with friends in your country and around the world.

i color lines game portal

Mastering in the puzzle game requires a combination of knowledge, mathematics, common sense, logic, and science. Your can track your success through your profile activity. Learn how to play, strategy and tricks of the game.

Your score would be ranked against other players in your belt category, country and the world.

icolorlines leader board.

Earn the Black Belt, become a champion in your country or the world champion!

What is the Meaning of Different Belt Colors?

The various belt colors in the game symbolize the stages of a growing player’s expertise.


A beginner is getting a White Belt. Once the beginner has managed to learn all the basic game moves, he or she is presented with the Yellow Belt. Orange belt is the next level.
icolorlines white beltyellow beltorange belt


Once the players are awarded with Green Belts, they will now be required to acquire in-depth expertise. On excelling, the players are presented with Blue Belts. When they successfully move up to be presented with the Purple Belt.
green beltblue beltpurple belt


Brown Belt represents maturity.
Red belt means that you’re one belt away from becoming a Black Belt.
The black belt signifies the highest rank of acquiring Color Lines Puzzle Game skills.
brown beltred beltblack let icolorlines

Strategies and Tips

Keep a close look on the bar showing the next three balls to be dropped onto the game board.

color lines game strategy to watch next balls

Try to keep at least a half of the game board cleared. Letting the balls to pile up will almost certainly lead to a loss.

To make your game easier always keep more than one line of the same balls ready for clearing.

 color lines strategy to keep at least half of the game board clean

Build up lines near the border, so you have more room for navigating the game pieces around in the middle.

Try to keep more than three almost completed lines existing on the game board at all times.

Almost completed means that they are four same balls in length, and only one ball remains until their completion.

When moving a ball away to make room for another row, move it into a suitable place.

When positioning balls for a line, get the balls farthest from the row in place first (they have the best chance of getting blocked away).

Long rows are rewarded with a lot more points than short lines. Try to build diagonal lines, too.

Game rules

When Color Lines game starts, you are presented with the game board that has 81 (9×9) squares (cells).

i color lines puzzle game rules

Move the balls from cell to cell to group them into the lines of the same color.

what path to use at color lines game

However, after each of your moves the computer drops three more balls onto the board. To avoid filling up the board you should gather the balls into lines of 5 or more balls. When such a line is complete, the balls are removed from the field and your score grows.

how to balls at color lines game

The new balls will not be added to the field after a line removal. Instead you will be rewarded with yet another move before a new triplet of balls is added.

how score is calculated at color lines game

The scoring system is quite simple – each removed ball gives you two points, but there is an extra bonus available. The goal of the “Color Lines” game is to stay in game as long as possible. The game ends once the whole game board becomes filled up with balls.

 what is color lines score or leader board

Remember – the more balls you remove at once the greater your score is. You are playing against computer that cannot be won, so you compete against the highest score, yours or other players.

What is i Color Lines?

what is color lines game?

Color Lines (aka Lines) is a computer puzzle game, invented by Oleg Demin and first introduced as a video game by the Russian company Gamos (Russian: Геймос) in 1992 (Wikipedia).

The game starts with a 9×9 board with three balls chosen out of seven different colors. The player can move one ball per turn, and the player may only move a ball to a particular place if there is a path (linked set of vertical and horizontal empty cells) between the current position of the ball and the desired destination.

The goal is to remove balls by forming lines (horizontal, vertical or diagonal) of at least five balls of the same color.
If you form a line with at least five balls of the same color, the balls in those lines disappear, and you can move another ball.
If not, three new balls are added, and the game continues until the board is full.

i Color Lines is a faithful remake of original Color Lines PC game, but runs in your browser, mobile phone and tablet.

color lines free puzzle game

Once your game is finished, you have an option to type in your name and your score will be shown at the Leader Board.