Game rules

When Color Lines game starts, you are presented with the game board that has 81 (9×9) squares (cells).

i color lines puzzle game rules

Move the balls from cell to cell to group them into the lines of the same color.

what path to use at color lines game

However, after each of your moves the computer drops three more balls onto the board. To avoid filling up the board you should gather the balls into lines of 5 or more balls. When such a line is complete, the balls are removed from the field and your score grows.

how to balls at color lines game

The new balls will not be added to the field after a line removal. Instead you will be rewarded with yet another move before a new triplet of balls is added.

how score is calculated at color lines game

The scoring system is quite simple – each removed ball gives you two points, but there is an extra bonus available. The goal of the “Color Lines” game is to stay in game as long as possible. The game ends once the whole game board becomes filled up with balls.

 what is color lines score or leader board

Remember – the more balls you remove at once the greater your score is. You are playing against computer that cannot be won, so you compete against the highest score, yours or other players.

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