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New Color Lines Game Pro Version!

Are you an expert in Color Lines Classic game? Ready for a new challenge?
i Color Lines Pro Game was released in January 2019!

How Pro version is different from Classic?
Pro version of the game has more colors comparing to the classic.
It substantially increases level of difficulty.

How to play i Color Lines Pro Game?
Click on “Settings” icon Settings Iconand switch to “Pro Game”.

What about Word Championship?
Starting 2019, there will be two Word Championships – Classic and Pro.

How many points do I earn with an each removed ball?

You have to line-up at least five balls of the same color to remove them from the game-board in Color Lines Puzzle Game.
By default, you would earn two points per removed ball. For example, there are six green balls that can be removed next at the screenshot below.

How many points do I earn with each removed ball?

By removing them, you can earn twelve points, but wait…

Have you heard about the bonus points?

How can I earn additional bonus pints?

To earn bonus points you have to turn off “Next Balls” suggestion by clicking on it.

How can I earn additional bonus pints?

There is an opportunity to remove six blue balls, so let’s do it.

additional bonus pints

As you can see, the score for removing six balls is now thirteen. One point is added for turning off “Next Ball” suggestion.
Turning off suggestions will increase the game difficulty, but you will be rewarded with an extra point each time when you remove a line.

Color Lines Puzzle Game is Popular on Facebook

Why would I play Color Lines Puzzle Game on Facebook?

Yes, i Color Lines game requires attention, but it does not press you on time.
It means that you can chat with your Facebook friends and play at the same time.

i Color Lines Puzzle Game on Facebook

Facebook provides a simple, small chatting application that you can use to chat with your friends who are on Facebook and of course online.
While playing Facebook games, you will not miss Facebook notifications as well.
It is “one-stop shop” for entertainment, communication, and sharing of information hub.
Enjoy the game and share your success with your friends!