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How many points do I earn with an each removed ball?

You have to line-up at least five balls of the same color to remove them from the game-board in Color Lines Puzzle Game.
By default, you would earn two points per removed ball. For example, there are six green balls that can be removed next at the screenshot below.

How many points do I earn with each removed ball?

By removing them, you can earn twelve points, but wait…

Have you heard about the bonus points?

How can I earn additional bonus pints?

To earn bonus points you have to turn off “Next Balls” suggestion by clicking on it.

How can I earn additional bonus pints?

There is an opportunity to remove six blue balls, so let’s do it.

additional bonus pints

As you can see, the score for removing six balls is now thirteen. One point is added for turning off “Next Ball” suggestion.
Turning off suggestions will increase the game difficulty, but you will be rewarded with an extra point each time when you remove a line.

Color Lines Puzzle Game is Popular on Facebook

Why would I play Color Lines Puzzle Game on Facebook?

Yes, i Color Lines game requires attention, but it does not press you on time.
It means that you can chat with your Facebook friends and play at the same time.

i Color Lines Puzzle Game on Facebook

Facebook provides a simple, small chatting application that you can use to chat with your friends who are on Facebook and of course online.
While playing Facebook games, you will not miss Facebook notifications as well.
It is “one-stop shop” for entertainment, communication, and sharing of information hub.
Enjoy the game and share your success with your friends!

Brain Stimulating Puzzle Game to Entertain Seniors

Playing a puzzle game is an easy and fun way for you and aging loved ones to stay mentally sharp.
Online games like i Color Lines Puzzle Game can benefit the brain at any age but could be extremely valuable for older adults who are looking for a way to proactively maintain their cognitive health as they age.

Brain Stimulating Puzzle Game to Entertain Seniors

Stimulating your brain regularly with puzzle games helps you to test your mental abilities more frequently, which can improve your memory and concentration.

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Top 10 players mid-year 2018

Top 10 players mid-year 2018

Sergey from the United states earned 600,000 1 month ago
Tanwu 今天是个好日子谈五荣rong from China earned 397,266 2 weeks ago
Nack Ballard from the United states earned 311,602 1 month, 3 weeks ago
kgjj9amljb5 from the United states earned 300,000 4 months, 4 weeks ago
EM from the United states earned 244,374 2 weeks, 4 days ago
Архангельская from Russia earned 170,672 2 weeks ago
Helen from Germany earned 127,678 15 hours, 21 minutes ago
Архангельская from Russia earned 116,434 1 month, 2 weeks ago
TOMAS1 from Lithuania earned 107,271 1 month, 2 weeks ago
СвятоСлаВ from Estonia earned 100,010 5 months, 2 weeks ago

Messages and Notifications from Your Friends

Have you noticed that i Color Lines online platform was upgraded to display private messages on the game board?

Messages and Notifications from Your Friends

i Color Lines is a very popular game across the globe. We have thousands of players from different countries.

Let’s build a community of like-minded individuals who loves this game.

You can go to the player profile and submit a friendship request, send and receive private messages.

Please let us know how we can improve your gaming experience in the future.

Best Color Lines Game Players by Country in 2017

List of the Best Players by Country

i Color Lines Puzzle Game Hall Of Fame 2017

Country Best Player Score
Argentina let 15720
Armenia Ara 26300
Australia P2RjEQrwcDQPE!0goPP4… 16070
Austria g 6182
Azerbaijan xz8iy62trte 28900
Bahamas 1lpoj2phwwe7 1002
Bangladesh tilka 7550
Belarus ЛЮДМИЛА 31690
Belgium HANNA S 43652
Bolivia 1kbdjaxh6hbd 250
Bosnia and Herzegovina miso 78696
Brazil Fer 4616
Bulgaria I 32360
Canada Tatiana 67110
Chile 3c4j0094ipo 1520
China XBe97DbwOA5Q0VU9Hie8… 18148
Colombia jrgr 3103
Costa Rica S 703
Croatia 1g80j9sghzp1 22900
Cyprus XN 3794
Czechia z44daBVfZVvv!VTVEEat… 8410
Denmark Mihaela Ianculescu 4592
Ecuador S 140
Egypt bisan 204
Estonia СвятоСлаВ 184516
Finland Alisa 5214
France oks 18704
Georgia ana 6147
Germany 81509OpbGYG 102742
Greece Ceca 8044
Guatemala duzj4a9aj2s 100
Honduras Lij 3931
Hong Kong RX 10374
Hungary Robi 10072
India hvk 15004
Indonesia YOYO 7398
Ireland Mladen 34942
Israel gala 23634
Italy pearl 32836
Jamaica wq2j11yeosh 510
Japan 21fumiko 5074
Kazakstan Алия 9502
Kuwait 123 508
Kyrgyzstan ouaj9bikku9 2008
Latvia Valdis 68646
Lithuania Josik 55816
Luxembourg Jejebe61 1644
Macedonia Aco 43396
Malaysia Hana 21650
Mexico fml 6660
Moldova Gaz 17618
Namibia amamma 259
Netherlands Ilona 5728
New Zealand 14d4jc1s7rh6 3620
Norway suva 10468
Oman lj 2670
Pakistan 1k8ojbuois77 500
Perú wi0j8lq6deo 1000
Philippines dez 15866
Poland art 42904
Portugal Mundi 6997
Romania ccccccc 12467
Russia Леонид 100000
Saudi Arabia honey 686
Serbia KOMNEN 42058
Singapore qi4j4tdi7fg 10008
Slovakia AK 14174
Slovenia š 8208
South Africa Andrew 314
Spain Roberto Mendoza E 11000
Sweden als 28821
Switzerland sianka 4494
Taiwan Pj 19178
Thailand sahaporn 19085
Turkey CeSuR 118668
Ukraine T3KPDcby4QlAv3vMzRVe… 24896
United Arab Emirates 194zjaikgpov 1004
United Kingdom nat 21232
Uruguay 1oevj9tnkzbv 1006
USA Nack Ballard 362794
Vietnam vietnamkabuhelp 47556