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How to learn from the best players

Do you know that you can click on any player profile and see his/her score history?

Just load player’s profile and move your computer mouse over the score history on the top.

How to learn from the best players - player profile

You can also see the game screen on the bottom left and notice how remaining balls are positioned.

i Color Lines Portal allows to add other users as “friend”, send private or public message.

send private or public message

Share your thoughts and do not hesitate to ask questions, so we can help you to enjoy the game and improve your score.

Colored ball line game

What is “Colored ball line game” and how is it different from “i Color Lines Puzzle Game”?

There are a lot of variations of original “Color Lines” available online.
colored lines game
Some of them have different board or ball colors, some play music during the game (could be very destructed and annoying), but all of them are based on original concept by Oleg Demin.

How “i Color Lines Puzzle Game” is different?

  • i Color Lines runs on computers and mobile devices as well. Ultimate objective is to give a simple but user friendly interface design.
  • “i” means “interactive”. icolorlines.com is a Game Portal where players can interact with other players and share there activities.
  • i Color Lines introduced a notion of belts, so your level of game skills can be validated.
  • i Color Lines Puzzle Game is internationalized platform, where players can compete in their country and worldwide
  • The most important, we run an annual i Color Lines World Championships. The best players results would be recorded and three best players would be awarded.

Play free online or download an app on your mobile device. Enjoy the game!

Color lines game free download

i Color Lines Puzzle Game is available for free download at Google Play, Amazon, Yandex and Apple App store.

You can also play free online on any smart phone, tablet or PC.

i Color Lines runs on Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Windows. This puzzle game is also available at Facebook.

color lines game free download for android tablet 10 inch at google play

color lines game free download for android tablet 7 at Google Play

Play and compete with your fellow players around the world. 2016 Championship just have started, so master your game and become a champion!

How to manage player profile at icolorlines

Once you finish your first Color Lines puzzle game, you can type in your name to create your account at icolorlines.com.
At the same time, your account would be bound to a group/country where you are playing from.
From now on, you are eligible to compete in your country and in the world.

You can always go to your profile and manage it:
1- change your picture
2- change cover picture
3- add/change your email
4- change/join different groups/countries
5- add friends among other players

icolorlines puzzle game player profile

What is the Game Portal

iColorLines.com website is a community of like-minded people who love puzzles. You can play online, share your experience with friends in your country and around the world.

i color lines game portal

Mastering in the puzzle game requires a combination of knowledge, mathematics, common sense, logic, and science. Your can track your success through your profile activity. Learn how to play, strategy and tricks of the game.

Your score would be ranked against other players in your belt category, country and the world.

icolorlines leader board.

Earn the Black Belt, become a champion in your country or the world champion!