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Цветные линии Игра головоломка

Игра «Цветные линии», в которую можно бесплатно играть на вашем компьютере или загрузите на ваш Android, iPhone или iPad.

Цветные линии Игра головоломка

Игра объединяет лучших игроков со всего мира для участия в мировом чемпионате – ежегодном международном конкурсе.

Принять участие и выиграть очень просто – ваш счет должен быть самый высокий в таблице лидеров 31 декабря.

Победи конкурентов со всего мира и принеси славу своей стране! Заработай черный пояс или стань чемпионом мира – Вперед!

Color Balls

Click and remove similar colored balls to earn more points.

There are a number of colored balls in i Color Lines Puzzle Game.

color balls game

Build lines with at least five balls of the same color.

To move a ball, click on a ball, and then click an empty target square.

Watch helpful [video_lightbox_vimeo5 video_id=”161111740″ width=”640″ height=”480″ anchor=”game strategy video” alt=”i Color Lines Puzzle Game Strategy Video”] for more game tips and tricks.

Play free online, or download iPhone App or Android App for your phone.

Color lines game free download

i Color Lines Puzzle Game is available for free download at Google Play, Amazon, Yandex and Apple App store.

You can also play free online on any smart phone, tablet or PC.

i Color Lines runs on Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Windows. This puzzle game is also available at Facebook.

color lines game free download for android tablet 10 inch at google play

color lines game free download for android tablet 7 at Google Play

Play and compete with your fellow players around the world. 2016 Championship just have started, so master your game and become a champion!

How to play iColorLines Puzzle Game on iOS (iPhone/iPad)

iColorLines online puzzle game works perfectly on iPhone or iPad. Just open Safari, and type icolorlines.com in the address bar.

icolorlines puzzle game online iphone

Click on “play free online” link or iColorLines icon to start a new game.

icolorlines puzzle game iphone

iPad gives you not only a game view but the entire portal, so you see who is currently playing online, chat with friends and see other player activities.

icolorlines puzzle game ipad

Please visit iColorLines FAQs section for help, game rules and strategy.