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Nack Ballard Recommendations

B = Blue
C = Copper (gold/bronze)
E = Ebony (black)
G = Green
P = Purple
R = Red
Y = Yellow

Algebraic notation (similar to chess): Columns left to right are lettered abcdefghi. Rows bottom to top are numbered 123456789. For example, the bottom left square of the board is a1.

I went ahead and analyzed this Pro game of 504. I recommend you read through my comments as you look through the game. There were no big mistakes from 0 to 70 (of 504).

At 70, after cashing the R column, Ch1-e8 is bad, because it will take you two more moves to poise the 8-row. Instead, you should create a C three-line diagonal (e.g., Cg8-c7). Less attractive would be to create a G three-column (Gc3-a5) because it is blocked by Ya3, but that would still be much better than Ch1-e8 as played.

[An efficient move changes your ball mass by -2.5 (negative numbers being good). Because you’re fighting a +3 drop each time you make a move (cashes don’t count), your ball mass increases by 3 – 2.5 = 0.5 per move (which I don’t count in most assessments, it’s just a fixed constant that you’re fighting). To break even over a sequence of moves, you need a turn-gaining drop 20% of the time, or actually more often when you account for the fact that you will occasionally be forced to make an inefficient move.]

Ch1-e8 (as played) only helps your ball mass by -1 (instead of the standard -2.5). In short, it is an error of 1.5. Looked at another way, just prior to cashing that line, you will have invested three moves (value of 7.5) to poise the removal of 6 balls (thus a mass increase of +1.5). By contrast, Cg8-c7 will require only two moves (this one plus one more) to poise the removal of 5 balls, thereby meeting the standard of -2.5 per move, and maintaining an increase of zero.

At 92, after cashing the E diagonal, Pc2-c4 is a blunder of +2.5. Better is to play Gc3-e8 or Gc3-a7. Even playing a Y to a4 (if legal) would be much better than Pc2-c4.

At 152, Ya3-g5 is a blunder of 2.5. To hold par, you need to move a Y to h7, creating a 4-line column. (Oversight?) Even extending a C or G two-line (or some independent Y two-line) would be better than Ya3-g5.

At 192 (after you played Rg4-d3 and Rf3 dropped), moving Ge3 is a +2.5 blunder (there is positional compensation in unblocking the central R row, but I’d estimate you get back -0.7 at most). You should keep busy elsewhere until the drop gives you a G two-line somewhere. For example, Cb7-a3 unblocks a B six-line.

At 244, it is a +1 mistake to cash with Yc1 because it is part of a potential six-line on the 1-row. You should cash with one of the Y balls in the upper left (or delaying the cash is a fine option).

At 254, after you poised the P row, you got an unfortunate Cd5 ball, but you should NOT move it immediately. Rather, best is to poise the Y column. For example, Yg2-i4/i5. Next Yg8 or Yd3 can cash, followed by (a) Gc4-g2 + Cd5-a3, or (b) Bc2-i6 + Eb2-e6/g8 + Cd5-a3.

Granted, both plans might get blocked, but some resource might arise along the way that could be a back-up (e.g., a C drop pairs somewhere) or even an improvement (G drop on the 4-row could open the Cd5-a3 path faster while gaining an additional turn).

As 294, after you cashed the B column, Yb6-e4 is a blunder of +2.5 (actually 2.0 if you are able to cash the e-column as an 8-line). Better is Yb7-f2, so that you can cash two five-lines instead of one. Examine this carefully.
[Scroll both diagram forward two frames, by clicking twice on the fourth button ]
The Yf1-e1* actually misses an opportunity to save 0.5 (as I hinted at parenthetically in the previous paragraph). I like Re6-a3, intending Ed7-e6, E poise, E* + Ce7-c7, Y-e7 and Y-e6*. If it doesn’t work out, I still have Yf1-e1* in my back pocket. No big deal, though; the real mistake was Yb6-e4.

At 394, after the Yh6-i5 poise (which was fine), the Y* was a hard-to-see mistake, costing +1. You can get -2.5 for the 2-row and eventually -3.5 for the i-column (including the Yi8 ball) for a total of -6 (compared to the instant -5 as played).

Hence, what you should do is use Cd2 and Ch8 to cash the C diagonal, and move Ri7-a5 (though no hurry). The next two Y drops can be used to cash the 2-row, and Yh1 can be used for the i-column later. You can even get by with one Y drop if you move Gf1 somewhere (e.g., f8), thereby liberating Yg1. There is no hurry, though, on the Y plan. You might just rather play elsewhere for the next dozen or two moves.

At 494, Ef2-d5 is a big mistake of +1.5 (2.5 less than ball unit you get back for the potential vertical six-line). Best looks to be Yh4-b1, or Yb7-i5 may be better yet if an E is on deck to drop.
[Scroll both diagram forward six frames, by clicking six times on the fourth button ]
At 494, after the E poise, the E* costs +1. Instead, I would wait for a P pairing. If an E (but no P, G or R) is about to drop, then Eg5-e3 looks good, followed by cashing the E row. The E six-line potential remains, but you buy more time and space for a P drop to pair somewhere. If no E, P, G or R is about to drop (or you don’t know), then Ra7-e8 looks good, unblocking the Ga4+a8 doublet.

You also made all kinds of unnecessary minor errors. In particular, you should strongly resist breaking up a healthy doublet. Instead, find a different source ball, move a different color, or DELAY THE CASH. (Admittedly, delaying the cash makes the resulting position harder to visualize, which in the short run may lead to more mistakes, but eventually you’ll discover that delaying the cash has many hidden benefits.)

How many points do I earn with an each removed ball?

You have to line-up at least five balls of the same color to remove them from the game-board in Color Lines Puzzle Game.
By default, you would earn two points per removed ball. For example, there are six green balls that can be removed next at the screenshot below.

How many points do I earn with each removed ball?

By removing them, you can earn twelve points, but wait…

Have you heard about the bonus points?

How can I earn additional bonus pints?

To earn bonus points you have to turn off “Next Balls” suggestion by clicking on it.

How can I earn additional bonus pints?

There is an opportunity to remove six blue balls, so let’s do it.

additional bonus pints

As you can see, the score for removing six balls is now thirteen. One point is added for turning off “Next Ball” suggestion.
Turning off suggestions will increase the game difficulty, but you will be rewarded with an extra point each time when you remove a line.

Game Strategy & Tips (Video)

Game starts with several randomly selected balls placed on the board that has has 81 cells. Game objective is to earn the highest score (no limit).

Points are earned every time you remove balls from the board. The more balls you remove the more points you earn. You can get 10 or 11 points for 5 balls depending on “Next Balls” shown or not. One point added if “next balls” is switched off.

To remove balls, arrange at least five same color balls to lines – vertical, diagonal or horizontal. To move a ball, select it first by clicking on it, and then click on a destination square.

Try to keep at least a half of the game board cleared. To make your game easier always keep more than one line of the same balls ready for clearing.

Build up lines near the border, so you have more room for navigating the game pieces around in the middle.

Try to keep more than three almost completed lines existing on the game board at all times.

The various belt colors in the game symbolize the stages of a growing player’s expertise. A beginner is getting a White Belt. Once the beginner has managed to learn all the basic game moves, he or she is presented with the Yellow Belt.

With every move computer adds three new balls to the board, however new balls will not be added to the game board after a line removal. Instead, you will be rewarded with yet another move before new three balls.

You can only move a ball if a free path exists between the current location and the destination selected.

You can check your position against other players at any time. Everyday more and more players from all over the world join Color Lines. The leader board becomes crowded.

Use “Countries” drop down list to sort Color Lines game players by country or sort by belt color.

Use “Scroll” to jump to the top or to the bottom of the leader board.

This game brings together the best players from around the world to participate in World Championship – an annual international competition. It is very simple to participate and win – your score should be the highest score at the Leader Board by December 31st.

Remember – the more balls you remove at once the greater your score is. You are playing against computer that cannot be won, so you compete against the highest score, yours or other players.

The game ends once the entire game board is filled up with balls. Enter in your name. You will be transferred to the Leader Board where your name will be highlighted in yellow.

Earn the Black Belt or become The World Champion – Enjoy!

Цветные линии – стратегия игры (видео)

i Color Lines или Цветные Линии – простая, но захватывающая игра-головоломка. Играйте бесплатно на вашем компьютере или загрузите на телефон Android, iPhone или Android планшет, iPad.

Игра начинается с нескольких случайно выбранных цветных шариков, размещенных на панели размером 9 на 9 . Цель игры состоит в том, чтобы заработать наибольшее количество очков.

Очки начисляются каждый раз, когда вы удаляете шарики с доски. Чем больше шариков вы удалите, тем больше очков вы заработаете. За 5 шариков дается либо 10 очков, либо 11 – в зависимости от того включена или выключена посказка “Next Balls”.

Чтобы удалить шарики, нужно собрать по крайней мере, пять одного цвета в линию – по вертикали. Или по диагонали. Или по горизонтали.

Чтобы переместить шарик, сначала кликните на него, а затем кликните на выбранное вами поле.

Старайтесь, чтобы по крайней мере, половина игрового поля была свободна, а так же держите более трех почти законченных линий. Стройте линии недалеко от границы, так чтобы в центре было больше места для маневра.

С каждым ходом компьютер добавляет три новых шарика на поле, однако новые шарики не добавляются после удаления линии. Вместо этого, вы будете вознаграждены еще одним ходом.

Как и в каратэ пояса разных цветов символизируют этапы роста игрока. Новичок получает белый пояс. После того, как игроку удалось узнать все основные игровые ходы, он зарабатыввет желтый пояс. Самый высокий уровень награждается черным поясом.

Вы можете переместить шарик только в те места, где есть свободный путь между выбранным шариком и пунктом назначения.

Вы можете в любое время посмотреть свое место в таблице мировых достижений.

Каждый день все больше и больше игроков со всего мира присоединяются к i Color Lines. Используйте список стран “Countries” для сортировки игроков по странам. Или сортируйте по цвету пояса (Belts). Scroll позволяет быстро перейти в таблице лидеров от верхней к нижней части игроков и обратно.

Игра Цветные Линии объединяет лучших игроков со всего мира для участия в мировом чемпионате – ежегодном международный конкурсе. Принять участие и выиграть очень просто – ваш счет должен быть самый высокий в таблице лидеров 31 декабря.

Помните – чем больше шариков Вы удаляете в течении игры, тем больше ваш счет. Игра основана на том, что Вы конкурируете с другими играками по всему миру. Игра заканчивается, когда вся доска заполнена шариками. Введите свое имя.

После этого будет открыта таблица достижений, где ваше имя выделено желтым цветом. Победи конкурентов со всего мира и принеси славу своей стране! Заработай черный пояс или стань чемпионом мира – Вперед!

How to increase your score

Do you know that you can increase your score for removing balls if you turn off viewing of upcoming balls?

color lines puzzle game increase your score strategy

Hint: just click on “Next Balls” in the beginning of the game and earn extra points. You can turn it back at any time.

For example: You removed one line of five same color balls. If you have had “Next Balls” visible, you would earn ten points.
If not, you score will become eleven because of one point as an extra bonus.

Best Strategy

How many almost completed color lines should you keep at the same time?

The best strategy is to have at least three four balls lines of different colors on the game board.

keep at least three almost completed color lines game strategy

Always pay attention to the color of upcoming balls.

    1 – Sometimes upcoming balls can auto complete some of the lines
    2 – You would have more options to remove a line that is more beneficial

You can also build four plus four lines of the same color with a hole in a middle. Just one next ball of same color will clean up nine balls at once.


The best way to learn Color Lines game strategy is to solve puzzles regularly. Every week you will have an opportunity to work at least on one puzzle.

weekly puzzle color lines game solve score number of moves

The objective is to determine a strategy that will allow you to earn the best score before computer makes the next move.

As you might already know, if you clear a line that has five of more balls of the same color, you will be rewarded with the next move, and so on.

At the game board above you have several lines that are ready for completion. Which one should be first, second, third, etc…?

Hint: Clearing purple line will give you a free path for green and yellow lines to complete. Clearing yellow line – an opportunity to clean a blue one. Please do not forget to calculate your score.