What is the Meaning of Different Belt Colors?

The various belt colors in the game symbolize the stages of a growing player’s expertise.


A beginner is getting a White Belt. Once the beginner has managed to learn all the basic game moves, he or she is presented with the Yellow Belt. Orange belt is the next level.
icolorlines white beltyellow beltorange belt


Once the players are awarded with Green Belts, they will now be required to acquire in-depth expertise. On excelling, the players are presented with Blue Belts. When they successfully move up to be presented with the Purple Belt.
green beltblue beltpurple belt


Brown Belt represents maturity.
Red belt means that you’re one belt away from becoming a Black Belt.
The black belt signifies the highest rank of acquiring Color Lines Puzzle Game skills.
brown beltred beltblack let icolorlines

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